FPSO Perintis

Large-scale SPS steel renewal in a challenging environment

CTS Offshore and Marine rose to the challenge of providing a turnkey SPS steel renewal on this FPSO, maximizing its earning days while preserving and increasing its market value. Safety and speed were the combined focus of this project with M3NERGY.

Vessel: Perintis

Type: FPSO

Class: ABS

Client: M3NERGY (www.m3nergy.com)

Location: MASA Field, Offshore Malaysia

Dates: August 2010

The Challenge

The FPSO Perintis is stationed 155 miles offshore Malaysia in the MASA field. It produces up to 55,000 barrels per day of crude oil and gas. After successfully completing a stringent selection procedure and becoming the preferred vendors for the job, the formidable challenge posed to CTS was to carry out extensive steel replacement on five water ballast tanks to meet ABS specifications.

The client required a turnkey solution so CTS was in charge of logistics, project management, budget control, operations and process compliance. To add to those challenges, FPSO Perintis presented a hostile environment fraught with dangers from the weather and the cargo.

Solution Implemented

Firstly, safety was our primary concern when executing specialized steel repairs with such hazardous cargo on-board. Secondly, with the value and volume of crude oil and gas, the other main priority was limiting downtime for the client. Every second that the vessel cannot operate is equivalent to over half a barrel of oil and so CTS’s welding specialists completed the job using methods that allowed work to safely continue simultaneous to normal operation. Combined with meticulous planning and careful project management, class-approved Sandwich Plate System (SPS), which allows steel to be renewed or strengthened with minimum risk and minimum disruption, was the perfect technology for CTS to deploy on this project.

Business Results

CTS proved that SPS repair instead of conventional steel renewal was a good choice for FPSO Perintis. It allowed us to complete the steelwork safely, within budget, without disruption to the vessel’s operation and weeks ahead of schedule. Having CTS Offshore and Marine design and manage the project protected the value of the asset and maximized the client’s earning days.

“The CTS team ensured the Perintis remained fully operational while the steelwork was done and completed the project weeks ahead of schedule” – Captain Hashim Hisham, General Manager, M3NERGY

CTS Offshore and Marine also met key goals by doing this prestigious project.  This was the first offshore project of this scale and complexity for us and it allowed us to expand, bring on new staff and demonstrated our project management skills. It tested our systems and procedures and proved the scalability of our enterprise, leading on to similar projects with other key oil and gas players such as Transocean and Chevron.

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